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We are a knowledge Centre in Malawi

who we are

We are a non-profit knowledge Centre
that works to build a knowledge-inspired society in Malawi.

our mission

Our mission is to build a knowledgeinspired society where public
decisions, policies and practices are
informed by the best available

our values

  • Integrity | WE do the right thing.
  • Teamwork | Together WE can
  • Results | WE set high goals and reach them.


Academic Research Mentorship

The programme aims to provide a framework within which post-graduate students enrolled at any university in Malawi and beyond can build an academically acceptable research for the award of MA, MBA, MSc, MPhil or PhD degrees.

Professional Development and Training

The programme aims to build individual and institutional research capacity and utilization of research, including contemporary approaches to project design and impact measurement.

Technology and Innovation

The programme serves to pilot technologies and innovations that offer promising opportunities for economic growth and improve people’s lives.

Global Landscape Forum (GLFx Lilongwe)

The Global Landscape Forum (GLFx) – Lilongwe Chapter is part of the GLFx – Community. The Global Landscapes Forum (GLFx – Community) is the world’s largest knowledge-led platform…

Policy Oriented Research

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